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qubing room divider shelves

So what makes qubing room dividers so special?

It’s the modular design that all qubing furnishing products have in common. Plus, of course, various special extra uses – like qubing in the shower, qubing as a ‘labyrinth’-style space divider in offices or living-rooms, and qubing outdoors as a privacy screen or seating. Read on to find out more.

Bathroom room dividers

qubing shelving systems are made from recycled plastic that’s ideal for bathrooms. Place the shelving units right under your shower if you like! But qubing shelving systems are also a great choice as room dividers in bathrooms. Humidity, heat and water cause furniture made from wood, chipboard or MDF to swell, damaging it. But steam and water have no effect on qubing plastic room dividers. They stay as rugged, durable and easy-care as they were when they were first assembled. qubing shelving can be assembled into open or closed storage systems, creating lots of space for your bathroom items and accessories.

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"Labyrinth"-style room dividers

Only a modular shelving system like qubing delivers the ultimate flexibility you need. qubing room dividers can snake through your living or office space at any height or width you like. Variable in height and designed as open shelving, closed compartments or even informal seating, qubing shelving systems are ideal for creating personal room dividers. And qubing stays flexible long beyond your current living space, office or store interior. Planning to relocate? Simply dismantle the room divider and set it up again in your new premises – qubing adapts smoothly to the available space. No tools needed!

Outdoor dividers on patios or balconies

Room dividers can also create privacy on your balcony or patio or in the garden. There are so many great ideas for space dividers on patios and balconies – like privacy screens, high planters or plant walls. Yet space divider shelves that can stand up to outdoor life are few and far between. Our qubing shelving systems defy any weather, are available in a palette of 16 shades and have won the red dot Design Award. You can’t get much more outstanding than that - and we think you’ll agree!




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