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Shelving systems for store interiors

Lego for interior designers

Good shelving systems for store interiors are like gold dust – as anybody that has tackled the job of store design will confirm. There’s nothing more important than creating attractive, well-organized displays of your stock for your customers. And the basis of every store display is … shelving. The distinction between bargain bin and designer boutique isn’t just about price. It’s also about aesthetics. By choosing qubing, you choose shelving that’s easy to set up, practical and flexible – and that creates visual highlights for your store interior.

qubing shelving systems in your CI colour, with logo print

Regalsysteme Ladenbau

Innovative design for store interiors: Your wish is qubing’s command!

Unobtrusive, practical and perfectly attuned to your store’s visual style: isn’t that just the store shelving you’re looking for? Hard to find? Not really! Choose qubing, and you choose a shelving system that offers you all those features in one. Winner of the red dot Design Award, qubing’s simple yet versatile elements can take on any appearance from trendy to timelessly elegant, effectively mirroring your store concept and design. qubing is a system of practical cubes in a wide range of colours that can be mixed and matched as the fancy takes you. Now that’s what we call innovative store shelving! From classic white, discreet and subtle, to a rainbow of fun colours that’s the ultimate in young, dynamic style, qubing’s got it all ¬– for store interiors as creative as you are!


Function squared: Practical solutions for the retail industry

But store shelving systems need to be more than attractive. ‘Practical’ and ‘durable’ are essentials at the top of the list. Child’s play for qubing! A practical 38.5 x 38.5 x 38.5 cm, qubing cubes are easily assembled using a system of clips. Stability is given by the baseplate. You can design your store shelving system to suit your tastes and needs. Make the most of our palette of colours, and add in further accessories like doors, partitions, plinths and wall mountings to expand your design options. As store shelving, qubing can be used to build a counter in your store, set up a kiosk, display cosmetics, and much more. Say you have a small store for organic cosmetics. Why not display your products in qubing cubes in fresh Fern Green and Wild Orchid? Add a mural of a lush green meadow, and soak up the atmosphere! Or perhaps you run a bakery or sweet shop? Go colourful! Cubes in Cream White, Sweet Candy and Ice Blue could have been inspired by creamy, sweet cupcake toppings. Perfect for whetting your customers‘ appetite! If you sell hifi or office communication equipment, a combination of Graphite Grey and Pure White will set off your merchandise and create a professional atmosphere underpinned by modern elegance. In fact, whatever plans you have for your store, qubing has everything to offer as a store shelving system!


The Number 1 for store shelving systems: Flexible store solutions

As you can see, qubing unlocks virtually infinite possibilities for store shelving systems. Be honest, now - have you ever seen a shelving system that’s so versatile? Sure, there are lots of different types of shelving; shelves for sloping roofs and under stairs, shelves as room dividers, shelves without back panels, shelves with doors. But when it comes down to it, these are disparate systems that don’t form a single, visually streamlined unit. In addition, their flexibility leaves a lot to be desired – yet that’s the very quality you need for in-store shelving! If you want to relocate your store, or simply redesign your operations, you’re bound to have problems fitting shelves into the new store that were tailor-made for the old environment. No problem for qubing! A clip here and a clip there, and your wall shelving is transformed into a room divider with rear panel, or doors are added to turn open shelves into neat cabinets. Need to display products at a trade show? Easy! Just clip the cubes together and there’s your exhibition stand, complete with counter and shelves. Of course, you can easily buy replacements or additions for your qubing shelves at any time. Shelf is a shelf is a shelf? Not for us. For store shelving systems, our motto is Stay bright and flexible with qubing!