Shelving systems? Modular? qubing!

From shelf cubes to individual design shelves
  • One element, consistently modular, versatile to combine and expand
  • Indestructible, extremely sturdy, made of high quality recycled polystyrol
  • Simple planning using the 3D shelf configurator, tool-free assembly
  • Quality made in Germany, distinguished with the Red Dot Design Award
  • Panels from €14.90, sample shelf cube just €60.00
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Fantastic Variety – from wall shelf module to room divider

Simple planning, tool-free assembly, easy to expand

qubing, that means complete flexibility thanks to consistent modularity: individual designer shelves can be cut and easily expanded to meet your needs in terms of colour, size and shape - and they are also built up in a flash without the need for any tools! They are also incredibly sturdy and indestructible: Simple. Perfect!

How does it work? Made up of quadratic panels (36 x 36 x 2 cm), the basic element of our shelving systems are put together using our clip system to make up a shelf cube. This can then be attached to another cube on the top, bottom or any of the sides. Each of these modules forms a shelf - that can be kept open or closed with a door. Because each panel fits together, you can mix and match between 16 different beautiful colours - as well as different heights and widths of individual panels to make up your own individual shelves: So they can be patterned to fill the walls, different heights and levels or colourfully wrapped around corners - whatever you like!

Made in Germany

Shelving systems of the best quality

As opposed to other shelving systems, qubing only needs one module - the panel: Panels make shelf boards and side walls come together to make a shelf cube, joined with more cubes to become a cube shelf, and all of it is held together by a sophisticated clip-in-place system with connector clips. So that means what? Sure: This can only work with quality. That is why our panels are made of the highest quality polystyrol - highly precise, sustainable and strictly controlled in: Germany.

qubing office shelf, shelving system for your work space

Award-winning design

Red Dot, no frills

Not only has qubing been given the Red Dot Design Award, but it has been nominated for the German Design Award. It is, after all not only perfectly shaped, but also incredibly functional. A basic element with endless design possibilities, timelessly elegant from bookshelves to wall shelves. Incredibly versatile from corner shelves to stepped shelving - could a modular shelving system be any more consistent?

red dot design award and design award Germany

Sixteen colours

Can be combined however you like

Our colour palette speaks for itself: An upright shelf in desert sun? A wall shelf module in cupric gold? A sideboard in deep purple, a room divider in fern green? Entire walls of bookshelves in white aluminium and graphite grey, with dabs of blue lagoon? Sounds good?! Well it gets better: Because there are so many possibilities - combine, mix and match, expand, play, change, try out everything from wild orchid to sweet candy without any limits!

Colourful shelves for the kids room
modular shelving systems

Cool components

Base, castor, door and more

The entire design idea is based on the connection clips. They transform the panels into shelf cubes, which are then turned into bookshelves, filing shelves, bathroom shelves, sideboards or even room dividers. That is when fittings and accessories come into play: Hinged panels become doors, shelf cubes turn into presses and our shelving system transforms into a fantastic furniture system. A base adds stability, mountings create solidity, castors ensure mobility. Cross inserts create order, cushions add comfort – and suddenly the possibilities are endless!

Made to measure

Suitable for every room size

With a 38.5 cm edge dimensions, the basic cube - or the smallest possible cubing shelf if you will - can truly fit in every room while boasting an almost 40 l storage volume. Our shelving systems are so extremely versatile in height, width and depth - especially in the corners, niches and smaller parts of rooms. They also utilise the space under stairs and slanted ceilings so perfectly, that the gained storage space, or rather the organisational potential is so much higher than with other organisation systems. They are also much more beautiful.

Modular designer shelf turquoise

Best of shelving systems

qubing in full use

The dilemma of space, we all know it: Too much of one thing (books, folders, DVDs,  records, toys ...), not enough of another (space, storage space, inspiration ...). On top of all that, there are the aesthetic requirements as well as the need for quality, flexibility and value, i.e. using the acquired furniture. It would be exasperating if there was no shelving system, namely qubing, that could elegantly and simply solve all of these problems - take a look at our "Gallery"  or "Inspirations" if you need to be convinced.


Shelving system advice

Personal, of course

It is not as if we need a hotline for all of the customers who are overwhelmed by the assembly of their children's shelves or walls of book shelves. Nor are there customers who are stuck with the planning of their desired shelves using the Configurator - no, our shelving systems are just too easy for that to be the case. Some may however still have some questions regarding dimensions, materials or colours - for all of you, we are here and happy to personally answer any questions you may have.

Service Hotline: +49 89 960 86 796

qubing shelving system in yellow

Short Delivery Time

The 10-day designer shelf

The great thing is: Because qubing, our ultra modular shelving system, is so incredibly easy, it makes everything else easier too. Just a single,  square base element as well as a series of complimentary tools – the consequence is obvious: Availability is pretty much guaranteed, delivery as well as returns are simple, short delivery times. For the kitchen or the bathroom, your workshop of office, if you prefer a sideboard, wall shelf module or a whole set of furniture: Individual designer furniture in a maximum of 10 working days - it can be that easy!