super easy

Super easy

One single basic element.
Endless possibilities.

qubing bookshelf with doors

Panel becomes shelf cube becomes cube shelf

What is it that makes a modular shelving system so simple and easy? Is it its simplistic design – plain, minimised, timeless? Does the simplicity refer to its easy construction – without tools, effortless? Maybe what is meant is the configuration – simple, because everything fits together flawlessly? Or are we referring to the system as a whole to be simple: logical, reconstructible, uncomplicated? These are questions every single shelving system should answer – from shelf cube to click-in-place system – and which qubing can answer with a resounding yes, yes, yes and YES.

qubing is simple and easy in every respect – one basic element, one connection clip, endless possibilities: Panels become shelf cubes to which any number of cubes can be added – to the side, upwards, forwards and to the back. Simply click into place and voilà: a shelf cube. And then? Fill it and enjoy it – or: take it apart again. Try another, completely unique layout. And put it back together again. And take that apart again too if you like. And start over ...

qubing white office shelf with doors

Panel & Clip

Always the same size.
Always just as easy.

The panel: Its dimensions are 360x360x20 mm, it weighs 1000 g, it consists of premium quality resin and is manufactured in top quality exclusively in Germany. It is available in 16 colours, is interconnected using ultra robust connection clips, allowing it to grow to a cube shelf of any width, height and depth. That basically is it – almost!

qubing panel dimensions 36 x 36 cm

Cube & Module

Open. Closed.
Or lockable.

Insert the clips and go: One panel on the left, one on the right, one on top and one on the bottom – and there you have your basic module with the exact same edge dimensions every time: 385 mm (external) and 345 mm (internal). And now: Use another panel to close off the back? And another as a flap or door? Or just add to it: to the top, the sides or forward and back?


Variety & Tools

Hang, roll and quarter it?
Well, if that’s what you’re into ...

Not as harmless as it looks, is it?!? Additional tools turn these innocent shelf cubes into unfathomable functional wonders: Hinges help to hide your darkest secrets. Bases ensure eternal immobility, rollers condemn them to endless motion. Partitions slice and dice their interiors – diagonally or otherwise! And we don’t even want to go into details about what the hanger clips do to it.

Construction & Dismantling

Without tools.
Without problems.

Well now: If you want qubing to be a hanging shelf you will have to take a drill in hand (but only for the holes in the wall). You may also need a level to adjust a base. Or a screwdriver to remove a cover plate. But beyond that: no tools! Never! Honestly! We swear by the holy square!

Options & Versatility

Always: different.
Forever: new.

Fact is: Our panels, tools and clips are extremely durable. That means: They don’t just break and make way for new shelves. But is that such a bad thing? Of course not! After all: you can rearrange qubing wherever, whenever, redesign it and move it – it will adapt to every new environment. And you can expand it: All you need is a few more panels – and between us: The panels will never change.

qubing shelf configurator

Shelving & Configurator

Click. Click. Click, click, click.
There’s the shelf you always wanted!

Any truly simple system can be simulated with ease – and the more functional it is, the more convincing the simulation. That is why our shelf planner has become a fantastic 3D configurator: Complete with 360-degree viewing angle and everything a designer heart could wish for. And best of all: It is extremely easy to work with – you don’t even have to register or log in.