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Shelves for everything and everyone.

Because of the overwhelming amount of possibilities qubing shelving systems offer, it is no surprise that some people would like a more direct way to order shelves. Pragmatists can therefore find a series of pre-planned shelves, while individualists can plan and create their dream shelves from scratch in the configurator.

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qubing shelving systems

A single basic element – infinite possibilities

When it comes to shelving systems, there are so many options to choose from – wall shelving, wood or metal shelf systems, room dividers or extra-spacious office shelving systems. qubing shelving system is made from recycled polystyrene and offers modular, flexible shelving. Panels are simply clipped together to assemble the shelves – no need for tools. Our shelving systems from Munich are ideal for homes, but also for business customers, architects and trade show operators. Call us for more information, or visit our Munich showroom for personal advice.

Kinderzimmer Regalsystem rosa
Regalsystem bunt

Flexible shelving system

One format, 16 colours, recycled plastic – and design awarded made in Germany. Our 3D Configurator allows you to create your own personal shelving system from our flexible shelving elements. One shelf – endless possibilities as:

  • Room Divider shelving system
  • Sideboard or highboard
  • Wall shelving
  • Music media storage
  • Shelving system for children's rooms
  • Shelving for niches, under staircases and sloping roofs
  • Bookshelves
  • File storage
  • Trade show shelving system
  • And so much more...



qubing cube shelf units are ultra-rugged and can handle anything life brings along. Cram your shelves with files, wine bottles, encyclopedias – or use the cubes as seating elements.

moderne Raumteiler Regale

Stable shelving systems

qubing shelves offer more than design and flexibility. They’re also extremely stable. You can stack qubing shelf units up to heights of over 3 metres with no need for wall mounting or fixing. Simply add one rear partition on each level to ensure stability.

Plan and order online

qubing shelving is manufactured in Munich and only available online. This allows us to supply our award-winning designer shelving at attractive prices – with individual panels from € 14.90 and our standard shelf cube for only € 60.00.

Wandregale modular

Designer shelving system with a host of special features

What qubing shelving is all about, and what it can do! qubing shelving is not only designer furniture; it’s functional shelving that creates order, it’s storage space, and it’s a versatile trade show shelving system with display areas, counters and seating. And here are some of our special features:

  • Brilliantly colourful in 16 different shades, or in clean, simple white.
  • Check out our Bargain Bonanza for second-choice or pre-loved panels, at 50%-off prices
  • Customized shelving, individually printed with photos, drawings or illustrations
  • Shelving in your CI colours: with an order quantity of 100 panels and over, we will produce shelving in your corporate colour and print it with your logo. We will be happy to provide a personal quotation on request. Call us at 089 / 651 292 35 or email