Super versatile

Anyone can build a shelf.
qubing does more.

qubing modular shelving system in turquoise
qubing shelves with doors

Wall shelf, room divider, highboard ...

One cube, then another 2, then 3 – what do we have?! Stepped shelving, of course! And what do you make of the 6x5 cubes between the couch and the kitchen? Well, a room divider – obviously! Right, but what is this: 4x2 cubes with another 3x3 cubes on the right. Then a stepped arrangement of 8 cubes to the left, gradually rising up to 6 cubes in height – while cleverly hiding the stairs from sight – partly open-backed, and partly with back walls and an assortment of doors and flaps (surrounded by shelf cube stools on rollers) – and? Not all that easy, is it?!

But it is! Plus it is just one of the virtually endless options that only qubing can offer: completely customised and suited specifically to the room layout at hand – as a wall shelf module, a bookshelf or as a whole set of furniture. Since there is absolutely no way to list all the possible variations (besides: you just have to use your imagination), we’d rather explain about the additional ideas we had to increase the incredible versatility of our modular shelving system – or better: our furniture and space organiser system all the way to infinity: our accessories!

Hinge & door

Doors and
flaps galore!

Here’s a thought: If all of the sides (or panels) are the exact same size, couldn’t you simply use another panel to close the front? Of course! Hmm.... but then it would be impossible to get at the inside... But wait: How about hinge clips and locking magnet clips instead of a permanent connection? Genius! And what’s even more ingenious: the door lock can be anywhere – on the left, right, top or bottom (and even on the front or back!).

qubing office shelf in red
qubing designer kitchen shelf in red

Wall & Hanging

Cool as a lowboard.
Extra practical upright.

Of course qubing has no “height restrictions”. But what to do if you can’t start at the bottom, because – well, the space is taken by something non-qubing... The easy solution: Get whatever it is out of the way – and if that’s not feasible, well, you can always mount your qubing on the wall: Drill holes, add wall plugs, attach the wall rail and clip the wall hanger clips onto the cube shelf - ready to be hooked into the wall rail. But: you should have a good reason to go that far – after all: what wouldn’t you get rid of to make space for qubing??

qubing sideboard in black with base
qubing wall shelves in purple

Base & rollers

Intermediate and base panels
for upright shelves.

Talking about stability: One base panel for each vertical does the job. But you can do more: You could put a base with rollers underneath to get a mobile stool, a mobile cube shelf or a mobile table. Alternatively, you could clip in height-adjustable bases to achieve just the opposite: a solid stand for your shelf cubes – and a great solution for uneven floors.

Order & Partitions

Everything cross-wise? Definitely!
And maybe not!

There isn’t anything complicated about in our partitions for more order (let’s face it – that would be difficult): They are simply slotted one into the other and then into the shelf cube to make four small shelves out of one big one – diagonally (for a great wine rack) or ... and that’s where it get complicated – vertically? horizontally? up-and-across? vertizontally?! The correct term would probably be “dilateral” as opposed to “diagonal”. But who would get that (besides, we made that up anyway....).

qubing modular shelving system in white around corners

Cube & Cushion

When you don’t want things in it.
But on it.

How about this: House move done. Finally. Now: rebuilding that qubing shelf system. Bad news: you’ve run out of space and got panels left for more shelf cubes.... Now what? What can be done? Well... First of all, you can thank your lucky stars that you bought such an incredibly modular and versatile shelving system in the first place – and then you make cube shelf stools from the remaining panels, order some matching cushions made of 2 cm thick natural felt – and enjoy your new home!

qubing shelves for the kids room – versatile and modular

This & That

The best tool of all:
Invisible. Invincible.

Some people like to build 2x2 shelf cubes for the left and right, and add a tabletop to create a desk – complemented by a stool cube. Others put together a basic cube, add rollers and a flap on top and maybe a partition for tie inside (“dilateral” or not) for a perfect toy box. Still others create even more versatile solutions – but all us the best tool anyone can have: It is called imagination and is fully compatible with qubing.