All the style plus all the substance

There’s a well-known online encyclopedia that describes an “It Shelf” as “a shelf, usually relatively new, that has a strikingly high media profile. The ‘It’ describes the shelf’s ‘certain something’ of sex appeal, charisma and image. So the term could be clarified as as ‘shelf with a certain something’.”Now we don’t plan to comment any further on these ill-concealed (and certainly far from coincidental) references to our modular shelving system. In fact, we’d have to admit that phrases like “sex appeal” in reference to qubing are no more than accurate.

But given that the term “It Shelf” may subconsciously imply a lack of actual genuine achievement, and given that the public interest loves to focus on thoughts of style alone, we’d just like to stress that the “constant media presence” of our shelving system is mainly thanks to its pioneering versatility of function and its enormous storage capacity. OK, its incredible good looks may have brought in just a little publicity – but we’d never want to draw any conclusions on that basis, would we?


qubing in the media!

Samples of literature that address issues of shelving systems and functional theory, incorporating the qubing storage space paradox. (Don’t worry, there are pictures.)



qubing in the media?

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