White or colourful – but always: The shelves of your dreams

Shelving for the kids room in lots of playful colours, the bookshelf in brilliant white: nothing unusual, just like any other shelving system with the option to combine multi-coloured modules. You can have cube shelves where the cubes are white, or those, where you can choose cubes in a variety of colours. You can have coloured shelves, black shelves ... for all we know you can even have chequered shelves. But cube shelves, where you can individually select the colour of each and every cube side? And can exchange the colour at any time? Make new colour combinations whenever you want?!?

Yep you can have that – but only with qubing. For a shelf system to be that versatile, it must be completely modular and very, very ingenious. Just like qubing. One panel that always fits and that can be made into anything. In terms of connections, the colour is not important – and that is why our panel is available as an original, dyed-in coloured resin or with an impact-resistant hydro-structure matt colour finish in 16 gorgeous colours. But if all that colour is too much for your senses, you can keep it plain white as well. That is entirely up to you. The decision is ultimately yours.


pure white

The traditional pure white:
Or maybe just add la little splash of colour?

White is – hands down – the perfect colour: simple yet elegant, understated and luxurious: Books come in a kaleidoscope of colours - what better backdrop than a pure white bookshelf to keep it all contained. But that doesn’t mean that it should be completely devoid of any other colour... How about a sprinkling of cool ice blue or a dash of high red?

4x4 qubing shelves as a room divider in cream colour

cream white

Soft, smooth, cosy and warm.
Almost good enough to eat!

Cream is pure white’s little sister (as you an tell by the common last name) – and she really is a typical little sister: Just as beautiful and elegant, but with softer, smoother features. Sure: The older ones do all the hard work and pave the way, while the siblings have it all much easier – the story is always the same and it applies to colours (and shelves) just as well.

qubing white office shelf with doors
qubing interior design ideas for the living room – shelving systems in green

fern green

Not far, far away...
But still wonderfully green.

Even though it must be said: This medium dark mossy green will make you dream of enchanted forests and fairy tales ... and that really is the whole point. Nevertheless, this colour is rooted in the good old run of the mill fern – which (let’s face it) could just as well be growing in some deep dark enchanted forest.


deep orange

The unofficial favourite
of all modular furniture.

A shelving system room divider in deep orange – a classic if ever there was one: After all, qubing is built on the traditions of the 1970s modular furniture: in terms of material and its progressive-optimistic outlook – what would be a better match than THE iconic colour of that decade!

qubing shelves for your kitchen
qubing shelves for the kids room – multi-coloured

ice blue

Cool and refreshing –
like a breath of fresh air.

This colour is just like its name ... Cool and calm, somehow deep - just like a shimmering iceberg lost in the Arctic Sea. Combining it with velvet grey or white aluminium is almost a must. And if you like it coll and hot at the same time – why not try a combination with desert sun? It won’t melt – we tested that!

sweet candy

Perfect for contrast:
sweet. But not TOO sweet.

And let’s get one thing straight: sweet candy isn’t “qubing for girls”. Instead, it reflects the confidence of knowing just how valuable a soft pink can be for ambiance. It creates a warm and lively contrast for cool and controlled surroundings. You know: a bit like sweet an sour sauce on pork.

desert sun

Once upon a time in the West....
there was a shelf cube.

A powerful presence that desert sun – but that’s just it: Some like it hot. And should a yellow cube shelf wall prove too much for your eyes, well then you can always add colour: how about a white shelf unit with yellow doors – after all: a bit of sunshine is always welcome in the world of snow...

qubing: colourful shelving for the kids room – with doors and as stools
qubing wall shelves in red with or without doors

high red

Yep, just the kind of red you imagine,
when you hear RED.

Red carnations red. Fragrant and juicy tomato red. The balloon red from your childhood. Not high alert red, not cheap lipstick red – no: Red with white polka dots red. Exactly the red of your dreams: bright, lively, endearing – perfect for shelves in the kitchen or the kids room.


wild orchid

Trendy. Creative. Original.
And very, very beautiful.

Insiders will know: wild orchid is the new emerald – meaning: The lilac of orchids has taken over as THE trend colour from emerald green. The zeitgeist tends towards creativity and originality, and away from organic growth. Well, at least at the moment, or until the next trend comes along. We say: Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder – and you are he (she?)!


velvet grey

Altogether sumptuous:
velvety grey.

If you like the white sisters cream and pure, you’ll love their cousin velvet grey. Interestingly enough, she is much closer to the whites in terms of smoothness than her own sister graphite – but then she does spend a lot of time with them, while graphite prefers hanging out with the more distinctive types, like matt black.

graphite grey

No nonsense and straightforward.
Constructive and compatible.

Let’s get back to that family metaphor: Graphite, the older sister of velvet, is a tough cookie and does her own thing, just like her buddy matt black. But that doesn’t mean she is unattractive or not constructive – she even has a romantic side: That thing she’s been having with cupric was not something she could keep a secret for long...

qubing modular shelving system – as colourful as life itself
3x3 shelves with or without doors in turquoise and grey
qubing designer shelf

blue lagoon

Refreshingly seductive.
Seductively refreshing.

The only problem with this great colour: People keep wanting to jump in – especially in the summer – which doesn’t always end without tears.... That is why we urge people to mix it with other colours – and only sell solid blue lagoon shelving to well-rounded personalities.

qubing shelf in grey with doors

white aluminium

Functional, unambiguous, progressive.
But all that in a quite casual way.

Aluminium conveys the idea of low eight coupled with precision, somehow purely rational with a dash of airy lightness – in a time, where progress is measured by the miles covered in space flight rather than processor speed, white aluminium will have been the colour of the future. And wouldn’t it still be an attractive candidate – much more preferable than black or pink?

3x3 shelving system – open or closed

cupric gold

Golden glimmer.
With a coppery note.

If you feel a little like old King Midas (you’ll remember the poor fellow, who turned everything into gold he touched), we would recommend a living environment of qubing shelves entirely in cupric gold. But if you think that might come across a mite ostentatious, a couple of golden highlights might be just right for you. And if you don’t like gold at all – well, that’s not our fault now, is it!!

deep purple

Dah, dah, daaah?
No, no, no-no!

This gorgeous full-bodied, deeply satisfying purple has absolutely nothing to do with screaming guitar solos, quite the opposite: As a centrepiece in multi-tonal surroundings – as a sideboard, for example, it exudes luxuriously understated purple warmth. It doesn’t even get shrill when used as a contribution to a colourful shelf unit for the kids room. How did those guys end up with that band name anyway?

qubing cube shelves for a unique designer book tower
qubing sideboard in black with base and doors

matt black

The true shelf fall guy,
the dude among colours.

matt black (we mentioned him earlier) is too cool for school, casual, super confident, yet unpretentious: He doesn’t thrust himself into the limelight and gets chummy with everyone – and he gets the job done when all else fails. He’s the man – and he makes for half of an absolute dream couple with his fiancée pure white.