Shipping costs

Shipping costs for national and European deliveries are automatically calculated and displayed in the shopping cart. Please contact us for any orders outside Europe.

We use three parcel sizes and differentiate between five shipping zones:
Up to 01 kg, 01 panel or accessories
Up to 06 kg, 05 panels with accessories
Up to 11 kg, 10 panels with accessories
Up to 18 kg, 17 panels with accessories

  1 kg6 kg11 kg18 kg
ZONE 1 Germany
Maximum costs per delivery € 59,00 
€4.90 €7.90 €9.90 €12.90
ZONE 2 Austria, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark
Maximum costs per delivery € 89,00 
  €9.90 €12.90 €15.90
ZONE 3 England, France, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Scotland, Slovenia
Maximum costs per delivery € 149,00 
  €19.90 €24.90 €29.90
ZONE 4 Portugal, Spain, Greece, Hungary,  Ireland, Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
Maximum costs per delivery € 189,00 
  €29.90 €35.90 €39.90

Switzerland (net, plus national tax and customs)
Maximum costs per delivery € 239,00 

  €19.90 €24.90 €29.90


Please do not arrive unannounced. Get in touch with us beforehand and we can the arrange a collection time.

Transport damage

Please take a photograph of any visible damage to the packaging or to the qubing panels and point out the damage to the delivery person where possible. In that case you will add a note of accepting the delivery with reservations when signing for it. We would be very grateful for your help in this matter, as we will only then be able to lodge a claim for transport damage with our insurance.


You can return the delivered goods to us within 14 days. Please contact us by phone or email, and we will initiate the return of the goods.