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qubing for children’s rooms – Shelves that grow along with the kids

It’s not easy to pick shelving systems for kids’ rooms. There’s so many things to think about; the units have to be practical and offer plenty of space for stowing cuddly toys, clothes and games. Girls often have different tastes from boys, and preferences often change as the children grow older, with a defiant soundtrack of “I’m not a baby any more!” Parents, wouldn’t it be great if you could find one shelving unit for your kids’ rooms that grows alongside the children? Furniture that adjusts to changing tastes without the need to fit out a whole new room?


Children’s shelving systems and kid-friendly furniture

Children love being rambunctious, so shelving units for kids’ rooms have to be rugged and durable to stand up to hard knocks. Children have lots of toys, which can be large and awkwardly shaped – so shelves need to be flexible and accommodating. And to top it all, children love attractive surroundings that let them go anywhere their imagination takes them. In short, finding a practical shelving system can be a real challenge at the best of times, and when a child’s room has to be furnished, you might as well try to square the circle. But there’s help at hand – with our practical qubing shelving units. This cube shelving system enables you to create a children’s room that’s attractive and fit for purpose, with lots of space for any amount of toys – and thanks to the flexible modular design, even the tiniest space can be used to the full. As qubing is available in a wide palette of shades for mixing and matching, the shelving can be designed to coordinate with beds, cots or other furniture, or with wallpaper and other decorative elements. Perhaps your little one is creative, but chaotic? Add doors to the qubing shelf cubes, and the worst of the mess can simply disappear. Matching cushions can transform the shelf cubes into fun seating for kids that’s also really stable and hard-wearing. Practical wall-mounted shelves, bookshelves, standalone shelves – qubing can be used for all kinds of furnishings in an instant. And when the kids grow up and collect yet more belongings to stow away, or if a different shelf combination becomes necessary, simply order more cubes or reassemble the cubes you have into different arrangements. The same naturally applies if pink suddenly falls out of favour and a different colour becomes a life-or-death must. With qubing, everything always fits everything else – and everything can be used to make anything.

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Children’s and teens’ rooms furnished in an instant.

The best thing about qubing is that it’s so fast to set up. Thanks to the unique patented clip system, the panels are so easy to clip together into a cube shelf – and equally easy to unclip, redesign or extend. The qubing principle needs no tools and the results are durable and stable – a must for furniture that’s destined for children’s use. It’s so easy to use our Online Configurator to design your own individual shelves for your child’s room – whether you need wall shelving, room dividers, bookshelves or storage space for music collections. You’ll soon see for yourself why our attractive and practical qubing shelving system received the red dot Design Award and was nominated for the German Design Award!

Shelving systems for teenagers’ rooms: qubing – your (re)design inspiration

From shelves for baby needs to kids’ furniture for 6 to 13-year-olds and right up to teenagers’ rooms – qubing has the ideal solution for all ages and can be changed around, mixed and matched to suit every atmosphere. Let your child take part in the design decisions, and design your new shelving system together online! It’s so easy – all you need is a little imagination.